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Physical Therapy

We take an individualized approach by using specific manual therapy techniques that aid in improving range of motion and decreasing pain. We also implement strength and conditioning principles to help prevent future injuries. Our manual therapy techniques include joint mobilizations and manipulation, deep tissue techniques, stretching, cupping and dry needling. In conjunction with above, we also utilize specific mobility, corrective, motor control, strength, and neuromuscular exercises programmed individually so that you can continue to make gains and improvements towards your goals.

The Absolute Treatment way:

1) Find the problem and pain generator

2) Put out the fire – fix your pain and movement dysfunction

3) Find a solution so this will NOT come back in the future. ​


Normatec Muscle and Joint Recovery System

We are the only physical therapy clinic affiliated with NormaTec Recovery. This is a system used by the best athletes, teams, and coaches in the fitness industry. If you are looking to reduce muscle soreness, bounce back from injury fast, or increase your range of motion to allow for better performance then look no further. Simply recovery for 30 minutes (ONLY $25) and witness the effects IMMEDIATELY. 


Sports Performance Strength & Conditioning. 

Are you or your kid looking to improve performance on the sports field or in the gym? If so, then we have the solution for you. We are trained in the Functional Movement Screen where we can assess your movements and determine what needs improvements so help prevent injury. We also provide personal training or strength & conditioning coaching to clients looking for direct 1-on-1 feedback to help improve strength, heart health, and bone stability. If you are looking to improve your fitness levels at your own house or gym, then we can program your workouts remotely. We take into consideration the time you have available, equipment you have on hand, and your fitness or nutrition goals.

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