If you struggle with LUNGES, or you struggle getting up/down from the ground (same movement) then make sure you are hammering 🔨 these points home 🏡

1️⃣ – knees over toes is not bad, but if you have knee pain then attempt to make a larger lunge distance wise, this will help alleviate the excessive ankle of your knee over your toe

2️⃣ – bending over slightly increases the mechanics of your glutes, therefore allowing for better muscle activation when ascending from the bottom position rather than just trusting momentum to push you back up

3️⃣ – specific glute contraction hard out of the bottom position will extend your hip and help you reduce the pressure on your quads and knee by equalizing the force couple between your glutes and quads

Use these tips to improve your lunges, to improve your 🍑 ✅