Elbow pain is something that we commonly see in the clinic. Of the different elbow injuries here are the 3 that are the most common:

  1. Tennis elbow – lateral epicondylitis
  2. Golfers elbow – medial epicondylitis
  3. Tightness and pain due to general elbow mobility limitation

Elbow pain can be frustrating and aggravating to deal with….it happens when we least expect it (or when we especially wish it did not!).

Of the common treatment options you think of, pain medication, anti-inflammatories, cortisone injections, steroid shots, surgery….unfortunately these rarely have good long term results.

NOW – consider an alternative solution for that elbow pain!

Usually an elbow gets aggravated from too much stress, overuse from a non-adapted tissue, and rarely from trauma.

Here are 3 phases you can use to fight back and get your elbow back to where you desire it to be!

  1. Reduce painful activities – Either stop painful activities in whole OR reduce the volume of movements or the weight until you are able to move and perform the activity with absolutely no pain.
  2. Strengthen your shoulder & your elbow with a protocol you can follow for 3 days each week.
  3. Start working back into those painful activities slowly once your body has had a change to adapt and heal.

Everyone is slightly different that deals with elbow pain. If you want a guided protocol to help you manage this issue and get back to the things you love then let us know directly at https://absolutetx.us/schedule-now/ or https://www.instagram.com