Thankfully we now have research that confirms our beliefs that ‘deadlifts build resilience.’ ⁠
Some moves in fitness have a bad reputation. Over the years we have started to associate low back pain and sciatica with deadlifts…Sure, if you flex hard under load, pull a weight that your body is not close to accustomed to then you will likely become injured. Luckily though we now have research that shows us how valuable this movement is. It can improve your back strength, prevent disc injuries, and lubricate joints. ⁠

If you properly utilize deadlifts (and other strength training movements) then you will live a stronger life for longer. Think about it, you will be deadlifting your entire life. When you pick up your kids, put your shoes on, move a couch, then you are inherently deadlifting. ⁠

Don’t fear movements. Embrace new movements, learn how to move and control your body. Live stronger for longer. ⁠